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Antique pottery from Turkey

Antique pottery from Turkey

size approx. height approx. diameter
Mini 5-8 inches 4-6 inches
Small 10-13 inches 6-8 inches
Medium 14-16 inches 8-9 inches
Large 17-22 inches 9-11 inches
X-Large 24-26 inches with two handles
Oversize L 23-29 inches 12-14 inches
Oversize W 23-26 inches 13-16 inches
Oversize XL 30-38 inches 15-17 inches
Oversize XW 27-36 inches 17-20 inches
Oil Jars 36-44 inches 19-24 inches
Giant Oil Jars 40-60 inches 30-48 inches


Collected from throughout the Turkish countryside, these beautiful vessels were used to store grains, olives, oils, and prepared foods. Often buried to preserve their contents at cooler temperatures, they could be found in small Aegean and Mediterranean villages.

From the smallest pitcher to the largest oil jar, each is unique in shape, color, and texture.
Simple utilitarian objects to be appreciated today as folk art.

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